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Corporate Profile

Company Name Media Five Co.
Establishment June, 1996
Business Lines - Solution Business
    <Offering IT Engineers to customers>
    <Customized Development of Software>
- School Operation for IT-Engineering Education
Capital 198,925,000yen ( as of Jul 31,2019)
Nos. of Employees 209 employees ( as of May 31,2019)
Sales Transition 1,322 million yen(as of the business term ending in May,2019.)
1,316 million yen(as of the business term ending in May,2018.)
1,291 million yen(as of the business term ending in May,2017.)
1,212 million yen(as of the business term ending in May,2016.)
1,011 million yen(as of the business term ending in May,2015.)
Executives MR. Eriya UENO, President
MR. Ibuki KAWANO, Director
MR. Kiyotaka INADA, Director
MR. Hiroki YOSHII, Director
MR. Masakazu MATONO, Auditor
MR. Masahiro HIDESHIMA, Auditor
MS. Miho MASUMOTO, Auditor

Head Office:
6F, Yakuin-Business-Garden Bldg, 1-1,Yakuin-1-Chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka,
TEL:81-(0)92-762-0555  FAX:81-(0)92-762-0558

Tokyo Office:
4F, 8-5, Higashi Shimbashi, 2-Chome, Minato-ku
TEL:81-(0)3-5408-7558  FAX:81-(0)3-5408-7559

1F, Yakuin-Business-Garden Bldg, 1-1,Yakuin-1-Chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka,

Banks of Account The Nishi-Nippon City Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
The Bank of Fukuoka
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Bank
Major Customers NSSLC Service Co.,Ltd.
Kyushu NS Solutions Corporation
RakutenCard Co., Ltd.
Nihon Computer Consultant Co,Ltd.
Canon IT Solutions Inc.
Nippon Computer Dynamics Co., Ltd.
ACTIS Corporation
Chuo System Corporation

Corporate History

June, 1996 Established a private limited company named Media Five (with the capital of 50 million yen) in Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka for promoting System Integration Business (customized development of software).
August, 1997 Reorganized the company into a public limited company named Media Five Co.
December, 2000 Moved our head office to Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.Licensed as a certified agency for General Workers Dispatching UndertakingsLicense & Registration No: Temporary staffing 40-01-0197Started SES Business Operation (offering IT Engineers to our customers).
January, 2001 Started IT-related (charged) Training Service.(In December 2004, we started to provide this training service partially free of charge, and ended the charged training service in January 2007.)
March, 2004 Started Network Business Operation.
October, 2006 Got listed on Fukuoka Stock Exchange named Q-Board.
May, 2007 Registered as Privacy Mark Certified Company Certification
November,2007 Opened Tokyo Office to expand business operations.
(November,2010 Moved our Tokyo Sales Office to Higashi-Shinvashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo)
January, 2008 Started a new business operation to educate and nature IT Professional Engineers
October, 2010 Moved our Head Office to Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
December, 2010 SI Business Operation got the certification of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
Registration No:IA100814
July, 2011 Acquires of Takumi kobo Co. stock. Made to subsidiary.
July, 2012 Restarted IT-related (charged) Training Service.
May, 2017 Started Nursery Service.
Introduction of our Main Business Operations
SI Business Operation
SI Business Operation
Media Five is proud of SI Business Operation in which we develop various types of customized software. Since our establishment, we have been committed to SI (System Integration) business and devoted to consistent system developments for our customers ranging from consulting service phase to operation service phase.

Based on our own technical advantages― 1) as much as 70% of the IT engineers we have nurtured by ourselves are Web-experts, 2) High-Level engineering technology and 3) Speedy Response to our customers’ various demands, we have been proudly providing them with the best form of IT-related service that satisfies their diversifying needs and business growth stages.

Examples of Recent Developments:
- Sales Management System for cram schools.
- Package Development for Wrong-E-mail Transmission Prevention
- Intranet for judicial scriveners’ offices, etc.

We send our excellent IT engineers to our customers and they work at the customers’ sites, strongly supporting their business through IT-operations. Having trained them as excellent IT-engineers through its own programs, Media Five has a great number of IT-experts (full-time/part-time).

Most of them are Web-engineering programmers (for Java, C#, etc) and network-engineering specialists (especially in the field of network maintenance/operation). For our further business promotion, we always encourage our IT-engineers to learn the most advanced IT-skills and obtain Oracle’s or Cisco’s IT-related qualifications so that they can respond to any demands from our customers in a satisfactory manner.

Thus, we put our energy to nurture excellent IT engineers with high skills and project-operation capability.

"OFFICE DOCTOR" is a new type of technical service to provide our engineering service to various offices by visiting them regularly.
  Education School

IT-Engineering Education School

Based on the achievement of having nurtured as many as over 250 IT engineers, Media Five opened an IT-Engineering Education school and successfully runs the school today.

Our school teaches not only engineering skills and expertise, but also puts a high priority on humanities including business manners, moral education, etc. Thus, we aim to nurture IT engineers who can become a great help at their workplaces.

Childcare Services
Childcare Services

For the purpose of supporting our employees and local residents of Yakuin area in Fukuoka, we have been operating a nursery school since May 2017 for children from 0 to 2 years old.

The situation in managing both childcare and work has been increasingly challenging. Considering the fact that the number of female employees is also increasing in our company, we have been supporting the parenting generations who seek to achieve a balanced lifestyle between work and family, and have been committed in creating a comfortable working environment for everyone.

To contribute to the reduction of children waiting on nursery school waitlists, the Japanese government has established the "Work-Childcare Balance Support Project". In this project, the "Company-Initiated Childcare Project" has been founded to aid and promote establishers that provide facilities that support in-office childcare service for employees. We operate our childcare services as part of the above project.