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- Business Lines

Media Five aims to contribute to the robust Development of Japan’s Economy,
based on its Entrusted Software Development,
for supporting business operations of our customers, and
on Human Resources Development to satisfy the Demand of the Times.

We are pleased to offer the most proper & nicely customized IT solutions to diversified customers for satisfying their business styles and needs.
Our IT solutions are wide-ranging from detailed technical consultations with our customers to setup, operations and maintenance of IT system for their technical benefits.
Our business operations, the core of which is originally based on the entrusted software development work, evolve into various types of IT Solution business for these different customers.

We also focus on developing human resources−training IT engineers−based on our long-year business & technical experiences and expertize, and providing them to various technical forefronts.
For this purpose, we run our own school (IT Professionals Training School) to train human resources into excellent professional IT engineers.
Thus, by growing the youth technically and raising their resourcefulness and values, we aim to make a great contribution to the development of Japanese economy.
To provide High Quality & High Standard Service−this is Media Five’s business principle and our own branded business operations.

- Solution Division

Offer High-Quality Products & Service to You All

Solution Division is proudly responsible for software development, requested & entrusted by our customers. Our developed customized software is designed to become integrated into the IT System of our customers each.

Media Five has been devoted to SI (System Integration) since its foundation, proudly working onto the integrated System Development ranging from Consulting Phase to Operational Phase.

70% of our own IT engineering staff are excellent experts of Web-System Engineering. This is one of our business advantages, based on which, together with our [high-level technical strength] and [speedy responding], we are pleased to offer the most customized IT services which satisfy the status and demands of our customers.

Produce Excellent Engineers here in Fukuoka/Kyushu for our Customers.

Our Solution Division also provides our excellent IT engineers to our customers, and supports the customers through our engineers on site.

We intensively train our regular workers and young generations into excellent professional IT engineers through our own practical training curriculum.
Most of our IT engineers specialize in web-system development (Java, C#, PHP, etc.) & programming. Others are infrastructure engineers specializing in the designing & setup of servers and networks.

We also highly encourage our IT engineers to get Oracle- or Cisco-Certified qualifications so that they will be capable of satisfying the demands from our customers much better.
Thus, we are committed to train and foster excellent IT engineers featured with high technical skills and project-management capabilities.

- School Operations

Foster Excellent Work-Ready Human Resources in Short Period.

We, Media Five, have trained as many as over 350 workers so far through our own in-house technical trainings.
Based on this workers-training experience, we run IT Professionals Training School for fostering human resources into work-ready IT engineers. In our school, trainees learn not only IT technical skills but also working manners and other important factors to improve their humanity as working adults.

Even if you are an IT novice, you can enjoy learning various IT skills, step by step along with our gradual curriculum, together with your classmates (IT novices) in our school, inspiring each other.

Our school is ready to provide you with a special scholarship of 360,000yen at max. for a period of three (3) months at max if you reach Web Practical Course and meet the requirements. This shows that we fully help you turn into an excellent IT engineer.

> School Operations

- Nursery Operations

Support Parents who are Busy in Both Working and Child-Raising.

Since May 2017, we have run Media Five Nursery School−Yakuin for our own workers and local residents in Yakuin region where the school stands. This school accepts infants aged 0 to 2. The circumstances for parents who work while raising their children have been getting severe and severe. Plus, we have been hiring more female workers in recent years.
Under these situations, we have been committed to make our working environment more comfortable for our workers including child-raising generations.

National Government has established Work-Family Balance Measures for the purpose of assisting/supporting business owners who have in-house nursery facilities, and encouraged business owners to start Childcare Operations. This is for speeding up the solutions to decrease the number of children waiting for admission to nursery schools. We joined this program and runs Nursery Operations.