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- Aspiration of Media Five

Our Dreams

Computers are great! IT System and IT Network are great!
Just by our simple terminal operation, a computer can finish a lot of clerical processing work instantly, even though a group of workers would take tens of days to get the work finished.
Thanks to computers, IT system & network, we can share information with worldwide people easily. Thanks to this Electronic Brain, our life has become clearly convenient.
“How convenient it is!” We think so about computers.
However, the same feeling must have been had by a person who used fire for the first time in the history of the world. Such person must have felt, “How convenient it (the fire) is!”

Our impression about computers may be the same as that about fire in utility-wise, we wonder.
IT system and network just have reached the level of mere utility, not beyond it, we think.
We do not want any computer to be a mere convenient tool.
Computer must be functioned as our sixth sense, after our history of thousands of years. Computer must be a new sensory organ that stimulates other five senses.

We would like to create such computer and IT system or completely innovative sensory system based on such new system. For this purpose, we would like to train & polish our current technology into the world’s best one. We seriously dream and think of this matter.
We try our best to achieve our dream by believing our possibility.

Convenience, but for Excitement therefrom, is not Good!

Our society is full of computers, IT systems and networks.
But we feel something strange about this situation.
We believe that computer must have something great and innovative, which is not categorized into conventional senses (feeling, seeing, hearing, speaking, tasting and smelling) and which excite us in a new way.
We would like to draw such power from computer and put such power into shape.
The persons who have the same dream got together to make our dream come true.

Started with what we could do to Get Closer to our Dream.

At first, it was the dream shared by just five compeers.
Discussing endlessly at a small office overlooking seaside, we worked on to promote image-networking system designed for distribution industry, digital-camera-utilized ledger management system and others. Our dream became Internet-oriented and more expanded. Our business went well and the number of our coworkers increased.
More and more coworkers were expected to work with us.
We were able to have a business office in Tokyo too.
We moved our head office to more convenient urban area.
Thus, we have been able to make a good foundation to put our dream into shape.
Now we think we can expect a day when our dream will be turned into shape.

Just Discussing cannot turn our Dream into Shape.
However, Nothing can be Created without Discussing.

Let’s Make Computer & IT System Something Super beyond mere Tools!
This dream has inspired us to start Media Five Co. Ltd.

While Media Five grows its business operations step by step, our dream also grows.
Our dream is grown to “Make Kyushu Island a great Place of High IT Engineering Technology and Engineers thereof.” Then, we would like to be in the center of such place.

For this purpose, we have to polish our technical skills more and more and need more engineering coworkers.
We will have to climb up more and more stairs up to the achievement of our dream, while sharing various hopes and dreams with those who share the same dream.