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- What is Media Five Like?

Nicely featured with both developing capabilities and resourcefulness of our workers,

Media Five is pleased to offer & provide various types of service which really satisfy our customers’ demands and growth. Our service ranges from proposal of system solutions to system development, operation, maintenance and technical support.

Also, we are highly committed to train human resources into IT engineering specialist, since we see human resources as the great source of our valuable service to be provided to our customers.

Excellent Developing Capabilities Excellent Developing Capabilities
  Media Five responds to high-level system development requested by our customers because Media Five is blessed with a great number of excellent web-system(Java-, C#-, PHP-oriented) development engineers.
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Rich IT Engineering Experiences Rich IT Engineering Experiences
  Media Five has a great number of excellent IT engineers with rich experiences in each working phase from Consulting Phase to Operation Phase. Therefore, Media Five provides one-stop service to satisfy the customers’ requests.
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Overwhelmingly Excellent Human Resources Overwhelmingly Excellent Human Resources
  Supported by its great engineering strength of over 200 excellent IT engineers, Media Five responds well to any large-scale projects. We continues to foster excellent IT engineers to further enrich our strength.
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- Excellent Development Capabilities

Capable of High-Level System Development

Since its foundation, Media Five was highly strong at FA (Factory Automation) development for Semi-Conductor Industry and image-networking technology. Back in 2000, we started to focus on Java earlier than our rivals and foster Java-oriented Web-system IT engineers. As its result, 70% of our own engineers Java-, C#-, PHP-oriented Web-system development engineers.
This means that we are capable of making high-level system development which satisfies the need of the market.

Capable of Speedy Responding

Media Five has lots of excellent IT engineers specializing in each working phase of system development from Consulting Phase to Operation Phase.
Also, by putting into practice our in-house regulated Strict Project Management and Development Methods, we are capable of promptly developing a system in a period requested by our customer and/or providing IT engineers with requested skills.

Capable of Responding to Large-Scale Projects (Responsible to Volume Orders)

Media Five has over 200 IT engineers (mainly composed of regular workers).
Also, to differentiate us from competitors, we run our own IT Professionals Training School (named “Tigers’ Den Program”). IT novices are trained into IT engineers in about six (6) months. Thus, we continue to foster IT engineers so as to increase the number of IT engineering professionals capable of responding to system development.

- Diversified & Enriched Work Achievements

The Service Contents offered by Media Five are really wide-ranging.
For example, we can cover FA (Factory Automation) Systems, Controlling Systems,
ERP/CRM, Network Systems, Package Developments and many others.
As for development languages, we are proudly strong at Web languages such as Java, C#, PHP and others.
With these technical advantages, we are ready to positively respond to diversified requests from our customers. The following list of our work achievements proves this!

So-Far-Achieved Developments by Media Five.

■IT-Applied- Power-Distribution Project for Power Companies.
-System repairing for IT-applied power distribution.
Technical Keyword:Java, WindouwsXP, Eclipce

■Nursing Support Project.
-System repairing for medical association hospital.
Technical Keyword:JavaScript,PHP,Ajax,WindowsXP,Linux,PostgreSQL

■SNS Development.
-Setup/Development of Social Networking Service.
Technical Keyword:Java,HTML,S2Struts,S2DAO,Mayaa,WindowsXP,Eclipce

■EOS (Electronic Ordering System) Development for Distribution Centers.
-Development of online-ordering between businesses.
Technical Keyword:Java,WindowsXP,Excel2003,Oracle

■System Refining & Migration for Insurance Agents.
-Repairing of existing system, data transfer and conversion work.
Technical Keyword:Java,Oracle

■Toll & Billing System Development for Telephone Companies.
-Providing countermeasures against system disorder, reinforcement test.
Technical Keyword:Java, Oracle,eclipse

■Pilot Experiment Work for Semi-Conductor Industry.
-Performance test on chip-mounter.
Technical Keyword:WindowsXP,Miracle Linux,Excel,Eclipse3.2,JAVA,JavaScript,HTML

■WAN System Setup for National Taxation Agency.
-Server designing & setup
Technical Keyword:Windows Server 2003 R2 SE,SQL Server 2005 SE,PowerChute Business Edition

■System Development for Telephone Companies.
-Assistance in development of Node-System, Next-Generation OPS.
Technical Keyword:Java,C、Linux、Oracle

■Development of Asset Management System.
-Repairing asset-management-system, Test
Technical Keyword:Java,JavaScript,Oracle

■Office-Data-Creation System Development for IMT2000Network.
-Designing, Manufacture and Test.

■Condominium Management System for Gas Companies.
-Manufacture and Test

■Immediately-After-Marketing Surveillance System on Medication.
-Designing, Manufacture and Test

■Sales・Production Management System.
-Manufacture and Test

■IP Service Facility Monitoring System for Power Companies.
-Manufacture and Test

■System Development designed for Latter-Stage Elderly People for Self-Governing Bodies.
-Designing, Manufacture and Test

■Track Maintenance Facility Management System for Railway Companies.
-Designing, Manufacture and Test

■Contents Development for Mobile Phone Companies.
-Manufacture and Test

■Transactions WEB System Development for Banks.
-Manufacture and Test

■Next-Generation Electronic Ledger System for Procurement & Logistics.

■Work System Development for Waterworks Bureau.

■Management System against Illegally-Parked Vehicles.
-Manufacture and Test

■Network System Development for Mobile Switchboards・Base Stations.
Java, XML, Solaris, IA Server, Sun Serve.

■Attendance Management System

Key Management System for Developers.
-Designing, Manufacture and Test

■Upgrading of Switchboards for Mobile Phones

■Internet Banking Center Relocation/Server Revision Work for Banks.
shell Script, Wrapper Script WindowsXP,WindowsServer2003R2,HP-UX JP1/AJS 8i, HULFT6, ObjectWrapper, ARCserveBackup

■Maintenance & Designing of Banks’ Branches’ System・Business Centralized

■Support for Data Transfer/Migration Work for DIY Shops.
C#, VB, VBA Application, Batch-Creation, VBA Analysis, Excel,ObjectBrowser, Access

■System Development of Electronic Specifications for Vehicles.
Java Oracle10g Interstage v8 Technical Keyword:Java Oracle10g Interstage v8

■Upgrading of Customer Service System
-Functional Modification
Technical Keyword:Java DB2

■Inspection System for Factory & its Facilities
-Newly Manufacture
Technical Keyword:C# SQLServer

■Management System for Academic Research Achievements for Universities.
-For Enabling to manage information on the faculty.
Technical Keyword:Java PostgreSQL

■Inventory Management System for Iron Works
Technical Keyword:VB

■Nutrition Calculating System for Hospitals
Technical Keyword:VB SQLServer Access VB.NET

■Operational Support for Government Offices.
Technical Keyword:ASP(VBScript) Solaris WSH

■Development of Sales Supportive System for Pharmaceutical Companies.
Technical Keyword:C#,JavaScript Oracle10g ASP.NET

■Contract Management System Development
DB-Linked-Type Windows Application
Technical Keyword:VC++ OracleDBMS Oracle 8i

■Materials System Development for Power Companies
Technical Keyword:SQL Excel WinShot

■Development of Cordless Phones for Overseas Companies.
-Communication between tasks on the interface.
Technical Keyword:TRON C Cygwin

■Development of PBX Switchboard
-Customization of Answering Function・End-o-Talk Sensing Function
Technical Keyword:TRON C MULTI ICE

■Development of Management System for Automobiles’ Drawings
Technical Keyword:VC++ Oracle10g JAVA,XML

■Digital MCA Wireless Community System
Technical Keyword:C# VisualStudio XML VSS

■Support for Device Makers.
-Defining of Data Collecting・Development of Referential Tools
Technical Keyword:VB.NET

■Package Development for Overseas.
-Improving the email-filtering software.
Technical Keyword:SUN Solaris9 PHP PostgreSQL

■For Pharmaceutical Companies.
-Sales operations support system.
Technical Keyword:C#.NET Oracle10g

■Development of Optical Communications.
Technical Keyword:Java Oracle10g

■Automatic Ticket Gate System for Railway Companies.
Technical Keyword:C UNIX

■Development of Domestic Routers.
Technical Keyword:UNIX-C

■In-House Sales-Support System for Telecommunications Carriers.
-Development & Management of WEB Portal System
Technical Keyword:JAVA Oracle10g

■Customization of Housing Loans Package for Banks.
Technical Keyword:ASP JP1 Oracle9i

■Development of System for Credit Card Application Screening.
Technical Keyword:Java JSP Servlet

■Network Monitoring System for Telecommunications Carriers.
Technical Keyword:Java Linux

■Foreign Exchange Deposit Transactions System Development.
Technical Keyword:Java,JSP Linux RedHat JavaScript Servlet,applet DB2、AS/400 WebSphere

■Development of Cost-Management System for Manufacturers.
Technical Keyword:VB.NET SQLServer

■System for Updating Electronically Documented Regulations
Technical Keyword:VC++・VB XML

■CAD Package System
Technical Keyword:C、VC++ XML

■Device-Monitoring System Development for Mobile Network Operators.
Technical Keyword:Java eclipse Redhat Linux

■Personal Loan BPR System Development for Banks.
Technical Keyword:Java DB2

■Development of E-Bidding System for Local Autonomies.
-Detailed designing & repairing of and test on e-bidding sytem.
Technical Keyword:Java、WJavaScript、eblogic、EJB、Oracle

■System Development for Managing Lost Articles for Prefectural Police Authorities.
-Development of and test on Lost-Article Management System.
Technical Keyword:Java、Struts、POI、Oracle

■Package Development for Universities.
-Customization of Package and test thereon.
Technical Keyword:Java,JavaScript,Oracle、SVF、Weblogic

■System Development for Semiconductor Factory.
-Detailed designing & development of Production Management System for the new factory and test on the system.
Technical Keyword:Pro*C,Oracle、VB

■Infrastructure Setup for Banks.
-Designing and setup of System Infrastructure for Banks.
Technical Keyword:WindowsServer2003、AJS、JP1、AIX

■Development of Electronic Approval System for Prefectural Government Offices.
-Development of Electronic Approval System and test thereof.
Technical Keyword:PHP、Perl、Curl,Access、MySQL、Surge Lab IDE、Visual SourceSafe

■System Development for Securities Storage/Transfer for Securities Companies.
-Development of Securities Storage/Transfer System and test thereof.
Technical Keyword:Java、HiRDB、VSS、Struts、Cosminexus、anyWarp、Coverage

■Memory Copying System Development for Mobile Phone Companies.
-Development of Memory Copy System and test thereof.
Technical Keyword:C++、Peg

■IP Telephone Development
-Detailed designing & development of IP-Phone-embedded Controlling System and its test.
Technical Keyword:C、C++、Linux

■Fixed Assets Subsystem for Broadcasting Companies.
-Development of Fixed Asset Subsystem and test thereof.
Technical Keyword:VB.NET、C++、Linux

■Invest Trust & OTC Sale System for Terminal Service System for Banks.
-Designing, Setup & Introduction of Server designed for Banks.
Technical Keyword:Windows2003Server、Meta Frame、SQLServer2005、JP1、LUN Manager、Oracle 10g 、Apache 、Tomcat

■Optical-Line-based Inventory Management System for Telecommunications carriers.
-Development of & test on Optical-Line-based Inventory Management System and operations thereof.
Technical Keyword:Java、Linux、Shell Script、JP1、BUSINESS COPY、BIG IP

■Stabilization of Brach Offices’ Systems for Securities Companies
-Establishing Web in case of disorder.
Technical Keyword:Java、JavaScript、HTML

■System Development for Waterworks Bureau
Technical Keyword:Java、Linux、TopJax

■Controlling & Monitoring System for Power Companies.
Technical Keyword:Java,SWING,Eclipse

■Education Systems for Universities/Cram Schools
-Customization of existing package.
Technical Keyword:Java,Eclipse 3.2 ,PHP4,PostgreSQL

■Setup of Portal Sites
-New development of Portal Site introducing Spa Resorts.
Technical Keyword:Java,HTML,S2Struts,Mayaa,S2Dao

■Development & Maintenance of Product Information Management System(C/S・Web)
-Maintenance, Remaking & Redevelopment of existing systems in factories of a major manufacture.
Technical Keyword:Java,JavaScript,Struts,OracleDeveloper,PL/SQL,Eclipce

■Nutrition Calculation Package Development for Hospitals.
-Repairing of existing system and addition of new functions.
Technical Keyword:VB, Oracle,ACCESS

■Ledger-Sheets Output System Development for Transportation Companies.
Technical Keyword:C#,VisualStudio,WindowsXP

■Employment Management System for Gas Companies.
Creation of Spreadsheet Ledger Output PG, Test
Technical Keyword:C#、WindowsXP、SQL Server

■Support for Introduction of Online Medical Records for Hospitals
-CSV retrieving, DB-writing, Creation of Table Definition and Hierarchy Chart. Technical
Technical Keyword:C#、SQL、、WindowsXP

■Important Customers Management System for Gas Companies.
-Creation of Ledger-Sheet Output PG, Stored Procedures, Test.
Technical Keyword:WindowsXP、C#、SQL Server2005

■Support for Improving System Function for Temp. Agengies.
-Web system development based on Servlet, JSP, Struts, JDK and JDBC.
Technical Keyword:Java、DB2、WindowsXP、eclipse

■System Development for Wholesales Plans・Wholesales Profit Management for Pharmaceutical Companies.
-Development of wholesales plans・wholesales profit management system.
Technical Keyword:Oracle Application Server PL/SQL Web Toolkit、Oracle

■River Information Processing System
-Development of River Information Processing System.
Technical Keyword:Windows2000、Java、C++、Oracle、eclipse

■Personnel System for Automobile Makers.
-Operational support and specification change.
Technical Keyword:Java、Oracle、DB2、JSP、SQLJ、Windows、AIX

■Repair-Supportive System for Automobile Makers.
-Operational support and specification change.
Technical Keyword:Java、Oracle、Windows、AIX

■Development of Online Shopping (for PC Sales) Website for PC Retailers.
-Remaking & Redevelopment of the shopping website.
Technical Keyword:Java、JavaScript、Windows98、Linux、XML

■Plant Management System for Automobile Makers.
-Replacement of Servers.
Technical Keyword:Java、JSP、Oracle、Windows、Solaris、SQLJ

■Support for Financial Institutions
-Customization of document management system.
Technical Keyword:XML,XSLT VC++

■Setup of Next-Generation Communication Network(NGN-FS)
Technical Keyword:MontaVistaLinux C ksh bash

■Support for Server Operations for Government Offices
Technical Keyword:Domino/Notes ARCServe SUN Soralis10

■Support for Accounting System Operations for Government Offices.
Technical Keyword:MS Access SUN Soralis8 Oracle8i

■Security Package Products Development
・In-house version/failure management system
Technical Keyword:PHP Linux CFreeBSD ruby Solaris Java

■Development of Management System for Automobiles’ Drawings
Technical Keyword:VC++ Oracle10g JAVA,XML

■Development of Joint Management System for Banks.
Technical Keyword:NIX Server, etc. UNIX,Win COBOL SymfoWARE

■Customization for Local Autonomies.
-Creation of Conversion Style Sheets for ActiveX DLL XML2PDF.
Technical Keyword:VC++ XMLDB VB,XSLT

■Package Development for E-Learning
-Scoring System for Web-Education.
Technical Keyword:RedHatLinux JAVA,JSP PostgreSQL Servlet

■Package Development for Pensions.
Technical Keyword:Java,JSP PL/SQL

■Collocation System Development for Telephone Companies.
Technical Keyword:C#

■Account Management System for Local Autonomies.
Technical Keyword:JAVA,JSPAccess Servlet

- Overwhelmingly Excellent Human Resources

Originally founded by IT engineers, Media Five is an IT engineer-oriented company.
Media Five proudly trains human resources into nationally-highest-level IT engineers.

In these years, Media Five has been expanding the scale of its SI Business Operations.
For this purpose, Media Five has its own enriched knowhow in training IT novices into excellent IT engineers. Also, Media Five deals with a great number of customers that its IT engineers would like to satisfy professionally with their own technical skills and expertise.

In other words, Media Five is a great IT-engineer-oriented company which well- understands how IT engineers feel in various scenes. Media Five is a company that helps IT engineers to achieve their own further growth and satisfy their lives individually.

[To Train Human Resources into Nationally-Highest IT Engineers and Send them to Various Working Fields.]
This is our corporate vision Media Five is proudly up to.