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- Dear Our Esteemed Shareholders and Investors

We would like to express our sincere and great gratitude to you all (the shareholders and investors) for your unchanged support toward our corporate operations. Thanks to your support and encouragement, we are pleased to inform that our company marked the 24th financial period in June 2019.

The outlook of Japan’s economy remains still unclear because of unstable movements seen in overseas nations. However, as far as Information Service Industry, which we belong to, is concerned, IT-related investments remain nicely robust, and the demand for high-level IT technicians continues to stay high. Our customers’ needs for our services remain still high.

Under these business situations, we firmly hold onto our corporate vision:To Transfer High-Level Information Technology, as Japanese Culture, Widely to the Rest of the World by Producing Excellent IT Engineers here in and from Fukuoka/ Kyushu, and also by Offering to our Customers Highest-Level IT Services together with our IT Engineers.
For the achievement thereof, we have proudly been training human resources into excellent professional IT engineers mainly though teaching them programming technology since our corporate setup. We also continue to carry out a wide variety of business operations under this vision.

Our business operations are featured with these three keywords:【IT】,【Culture】and 【Training for Human Resources】. As for 【IT】and【Training】, we proudly continue to strongly invest in the training of human resources for the more enriched development of IT engineers and their technical skills. As for our growing IT novices into IT engineers in the course of Tiger’s Den Training, we have already introduced a scholarship system for them to support young generations financially during their training and attract more young potential engineers. Thus, we would like to ease the economic burdens our young trainees may suffer and provide better circumstances to them so that they can learn skills in more comfortable ways.

Besides, back in 2017, we opened Media Five Nursery School-Yakuin on the first floor of our building. Just like we’ve raised and supported a great number of IT engineers so far, we run this nursery school to efficiently support the child-rearing generation among our staff members and to arrange their working environment here. Of course, our nursery school is also open for infants and children of local and neighboring communities who wait for admission for local nursery schools so that our nursery school functions as a good solution for the waiting-children problem.

As you see, we carry out various kinds of business activities here in Fukuoka of Kyushu. Being firmly aware that our business activities are fundamentally based on the great local culture of Fukuoka and Kyushu, we continue to fulfill our own social responsibilities through contributing to the local society.

By highlighting our unique business activities and so differentiating us from our competitors, we all strive to further expand our business operations and improve our own corporate values.
Therefore, your further patronage and support toward us will be sincerely and highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

June 1, 2019
Eriya Ueno
Media Five Co. Ltd.